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About our Blockchain Innovation Centre

Blockchain is a native digital technology that is setting up the financial-services industry (along with others) for significant disruption - or crucial transformation, depending on which side of the table you look at it from. While most blockchain applications are still in their early days, distinct categories of use cases have begun to emerge, with numerous projects now moving beyond the ‘concept/idea’ phase. Blockchain use cases are often exciting to explore and research, however it’s important to also understand the gap between the potential and tangibility of implementation.

The Blockchain Innovation Centre is designed to help institutions understand and harness the potential of the technology. With a bouquet of relevant knowledge base to read-up, a selection of ready-to-use industry-standard development tools, a select set of relevant PoC/demo applications,and a curated collection of best practice templates to adopt, any institution can have its OWN Blockchain Innovation Lab in a matter of days. These resources are carefully selected to ensure relevancy, aid with understanding the potential of the technology and help the organization and its team understand, develop and evolve applicable use-cases.

Join us in our journey to craft and nurture the next-generation of talent, solutions and the innovation ecosystem.

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